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Black History Is Now: Spotify Recognizes Phenomenal Black Music That Shaped The Culture

The list includes iconic songs from artists from the past and present.

Black music tells the journey of our experience. Ranging from triumph to turn up, songs by Black artists have brilliantly revealed that our heritage is one of a kind. 

Made specifically for us and by us, some of our favorite artists have created powerful songs with underlying messages that continue to be guiding lights to help us advocate and celebrate our community. This Black History Month, Spotify wants to highlight Phenomenal Black Music and its influence on popular culture spanning from the past and into the new decade through its Black History is Now music hub.

The melodies and beats created by Black artists have taught the world about the beauty of Black love, the importance of community and forward movement. Black artists have continued to create huge milestones that have echoed through popular culture, adding more to our celebration of Black history over the decades. 

There will always be songs that spark certain memories and emotions and each song in the Black History is Now hub will evoke a feeling of triumph and pride in Black culture. Many can relate to being at an HBCU function when “Swag Surf” by FLY starts to play and you grab the person next to you and embrace them in the iconic dance -- a symbol of community.

Rejoicing at family gatherings and listening to “September” by Earth Wind & Fire can give you a nostalgic feeling of summer days when the sun is setting and you’re surrounded by people you love most. Also, the affirmations found in Jill Scott’s “Golden”, continues to show the world what it means to celebrate our influence in music and show the range of our artistic expression.

Even jamming to songs like “Back That A** Up,” by Juvenile, “Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe and “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige, our music proves to be timeless and can transport us back in time when we first experienced these songs. Even today, we are still pushing boundaries and making history with artists like Lil Nas X who defied cultural norms by mixing country and rap to create “Old Town Road.”

“That is the power of the Black phenomenon in music,” according to Spotify.

Want to tap into the world of iconic Black songs over the years? The Black History Is Now playlist hub allows users to experience just how Phenomenal Black Music is in the past and the present through curated playlists spanning the African Diaspora.  Black History is Now. Turn up your headphones and enjoy the tunes from the Black History Is Now hub

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Brianna Rhodes is the branded content writer for Blavity. Feel free to contact her at brianna@blavity.com