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B. Simone Cuts Her Hair In Solidarity With Sister Battling Illness In An Emotional Video

"I knew in that moment, in my spirit, it told me to do it with her," she said.

Comedian B. Simone posted an emotional video of her cutting her hair in solidarity with her sister Jordyn Genevie who has a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal. 

The video, posted on Instagram, was accompanied by the song "I Am Not My Hair" by India.Arie as B. Simone slowly cut off her hair and affirmed her love for her sister.

In the clip, B. Simone explains that her sister has been sick all year, as the camera pans to Genevie's hands.

"My face is really red, it's a little bit inflamed right now, it's dry. My body is really dry. I'm just really uncomfortable, I've been uncomfortable this whole year. I got this little glove to keep my hands closed," she describes as Simone tenderly touches her face.  

Simone jumps in and goes on to say that many are not aware of what her sister has been going through.

"Nobody really knows what she goes through but her, I see a little of it second-hand because she lives with me a little bit.  She had to quit working, she had to move back in with me and my Granny. Her body is just healing," the comedian added.

As the video continues, Genevie tearfully watches her sister's empathetic gesture. She reaffirms to her sister that her cutting her hair means nothing because it will grow back and that it does not define her. 

Genevie's health condition is sparked when an individual discontinues topical steroids, and it can include symptoms like burning, rashes, itchiness and peeling of the skin, as stated by DermNet NZ.  

Genevie cut her hair off on Monday to provide herself more comfort as she deals with her condition and sent her sister the video, prompting B. Simone to also want to cut her hair.

"I knew in that moment, in my spirit, it told me to do it with her," B. Simone says as her voice trembles with emotion in the video.

B. Simone continued, adding that she booked a flight for Genevie to come to Atlanta from Dallas so that she could be by her side as B. Simone did the big chop.  

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