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tresmcmichael Trés McMichael


Explorer and dreamer from Baltimore, MD. Currently based in Washington, DC as an arts administrator and performance artist.

tresmcmichael's posts

I Was Assaulted By A White Man Whose Punishment Will Only Be Momentary Inconvenience

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on any cultural, political or personal topic, create an account here and check out our how-to post to learn more.____A few weeks ago, I was assaulted by a racist white man in Washington, DC.Walking home from a picnic at Logan Circle, my boyfriend and I overheard a heated exchange between a Black couple and a white...

It's Not Our Job: An Open Letter To Well-Meaning White People Who Might Be Racist But Aren't Sure

Dear well-meaning white people who want me to tell them if they are racist,For hundreds of years, black people have been burdened with the task of educating white people. We have served as the gatekeepers for your ignorance, dangerous lack of racial awareness, and covert and overt acts of racism far too long. There have been numerous times in my life when I have called attention to...