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shelbymayes Shelby Mayes

Shelby is an arts and culture writer currently based in the Bay Area

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5 Tips From Entrepreneur Liku Madoshi On Starting An Initiative That's All About Black Women

On September 15, Liku Madoshi announced the launch of the Tryb initiative for Black women. Tryb prides itself on being an alliance of Black women who aspire to elevate one another and build a community dedicated to celebrating each other.To get a firsthand understanding of the Tryb experience, I attended a Tryb event. Sitting in a room amongst lawyers, physicians, marketing strategies,...

Barbie Honors Rosa Parks With Release Of Her Own Doll On Women's Equality Day

Mattel is honoring the mother of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks, with her own Barbie.According to CNN, Mattel announced the debut of the doll on Women's Equality Day, a day acknowledging the 19th Amendment of the Constitution, which established voting rights for white women in 1920. Mattel will also honor Sally Ride, the first woman and youngest American to fly in...

400 Children Gathered In Philadelphia To Commemorate The Arrival Of The First Enslaved Africans

A ceremony was held at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in honor of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans 400 years ago on Sunday.Keith Collins, a spiritual leader at the Church of the Overcomer, led 25 children from Trainer, Delaware County, on a 20-mile journey to Independence Mall.The children gathered with about 400 other Black children in Philadelphia as...