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Author, entrepreneur, and brand creator Quentin Holmes (known to his friends as Q) has dedicated his life to empowering the world’s youth through trendsetting literature, media, and fashion. Since 2009, the Real Street Kidz Multicultural Book Series has brought a much-needed voice and powerful cultural influence to the preteen book genre (ages 7-12). Likewise the main characters in Johnny Skip2 and Sporty Lou bring vital multicultural characters to life, but this time for his younger readers (ages 3-6). Both picture books; like their Real Street Kidz predecessor, diligently seek to inspire, embolden, and entertain a brand new generation of children. www.QuentinHolmes.com

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4 Ways To Make The Most Of The New Year

So, let me guess. You accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish this year, and now you can just kick back next year and not worry about a thing?No?You mean, there were a ton of things you didn’t finish that are dragging behind you like an old car tied to your ankles with metal chains?!I think that feeling is pretty common. It often feels like we didn’t hardly get...