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mustafaalismith Mustafa Ali-Smith


Mustafa Ali-Smith is a writer, activist, and graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. He is interested in research that focuses on the intersections of education and criminology, looking at the school-to-prison pipeline, policing, inequality, and mass incarceration. He is additionally the host of a podcast called Redesign America, where he and guests unpack topics in society, culture, race, and politics, all relevant to transforming the very world we live in. You can reach Mustafa by visiting his website at www.mustafaalismith.com or by following him on both Twitter and Instagram at @MustafaAliSmith.

mustafaalismith's posts

Why I Believe We Must Redefine Our Meaning Of Justice

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on any cultural, political or personal topic, create an account here and check out our how-to post to learn more.____We have been told lies. Lies that have conditioned us to believe a certain way in which we must attain justice and the freedom of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and all others oppressed by...