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DMV artist creates tour to save local black and Latino businesses

Gentrification is happening many cities around the United States. In fact, nearly 20 percent of neighborhoods with lower incomes and home values have experienced gentrification since 2000, compared to only nine percent during the 1990s. But as many generational residents leave their homes due to high rent and mortgages, local ma and pop shops and neighborhood staple restaurants are...

Is raw veganism better than the Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

A few days ago, rock star Lenny Kravitz posted about his raw vegan diet on Instagram. His post sent many fans wanting to know more. The word “diet” is nothing new to Americans. This country spends around $60 billion on the weight loss industry every year. Yet, we still have one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Now people are ditching the basic diet rules and moving toward...

Founder of Nubian Spin brings visibility to black hoopers

A hula hoop is normally seen as a child’s toy. Many people might have even played with one on the playground in elementary school or at birthday parties. But for Shavaun Hairston, a hula hoop is not only a child’s toy but a source of happiness, income and much more. Shavaun Hairston, also known as Zou Zou, is a hula hoop entertainer, teacher, and founder of the Nubian Spin troupe in...