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mjboddie Maya J. Boddie

Maya writes about politics and social issues.

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The Audacity To Fight Injustice Amid Crisis Is A Superpower Black People Didn’t Ask For

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on any cultural, political or personal topic, create an account here and check out our how-to post to learn more.____Georgia was one of the last states to issue a statewide stay-at-home order due to the current global health pandemic. Georgia’s governor, Republican Brian Kemp, explained in a press conference...

The Power And Perseverance Of Former Senator Nina Turner

Senator Nina Turner did not expect to reach the success she's reached after losing her mother and grandmother four months apart during her twenties. But choosing to persevere through one of the toughest moments in her life, the proud Cleveland, Ohio, native completed college and pursued politics.Turner learned the importance of service while working in the office of the second black...