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Megs is a profound blogger discussing all things empowering, impacting, and uplifting to and for women. She believes her style of writing is on a very relatable scale to the every day African-American millennial woman. Read up on her latest posts that pertain to lifestyle, faith, and fashion. Catch her in the streets of Atlanta, born and raised rocking today's trends in an unapologetic way. Visit www.meetingwithmegs.com

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4 Ways To Be A Friend When You Don't Like Your BFF's Man

                                               PHOTO/GIF: TumblrSo, your best friend isn't single anymore and luckily, you're along for the ride. You were there when he approached her and showed interest. You were there when he had the pleasure of taking her...

3 Major Keys For Women Partnership

So you want to start a business with your girlfriends? You believe that with all of you together you can truly change the game? Well, that sounds great but have you asked yourself important questions like, "Do our long-term vision for this business align?" or "Are we both willing to make sacrifices in order to be as effective as we say we'll be?" I absolutely...

Why Empowerment Begins With Empowering Others

In high school, I use to think I was the cool girl with all the guy friends. At that time, I believed the lesser the females the lesser the drama. Now, looking back at myself then, I see how that concept of thinking was shallow. I've always maintained that sometimes it’s you that’s the problem. As was the case with my stance on women and the drama I associated with...