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M'Shai is a writer and content creator from D.C. who loves memes, egusi, watching videos of cats being jerks, and successful twist-outs.

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Is The Push For More Black And Brown Expos Creating A Divide?

Nerd culture is booming, and major publishing companies and Hollywood studios are all too eager to keep the momentum going.  From the midst of this geek-fueled fracas rose a call for inclusion on all fronts, and the results have been positive; a diverse body of independent creators have been creating more content, hosting more conferences, and building more platforms to give...

Six Reasons South Africa Is Lit AF

I boarded a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa for the 2016 Essence Music Festival last week with mixed feelings of excitement, pride, and apprehension. I hadn't traveled internationally in nearly a decade before this excursion, and most of the people seated at my gate looked like travel pros in comparison to me.  In fact, some of them were. (Shout out to Nomadness and Black...

Stop being a placeholder: Slay or get out of the way

When I told my mother I wanted to quit my job on Capitol Hill to write full time, she was apprehensive. I’d been at my job for three years and I loved my boss, the people I worked with, and the work that I did. I even saw a clear path for upward mobility in my career there, and had devised a plan for it the moment I walked through the heavy wooden doors of the Rayburn Office Building....