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leslierose Leslie D. Rose


Leslie D. Rose is a Jersey-born, Xavier-educated veteran journalist, editor, photographer, and poet. She is also a lipstick aficionado, Babyface superfan, loving cat mother, and her whole Blatina self at all times. She is the Copy Editor and Weekend Editor at Blavity News.

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Lady Leshurr Says She Walked Away From A Huge Check When She Was Asked To Diss Nicki Minaj

British rapper Lady Leshurr said that she walked away from a "massive" deal when Atlantic Records asked her to write a diss track aimed at rap star Nicki Minaj. Appearing on Angela Scanlon's Thanks A Million podcast, Leshurr claimed that she was offered "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in a deal that would require her to diss Minaj on a record. She...