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leslierose Leslie D. Rose


Leslie D. Rose is a Jersey-born, Xavier-educated, veteran journalist, editor, photographer, and poet. She is also a lipstick aficionado, Babyface superfan, loving cat mother, and her whole Blatina self at all times. She formerly served as the Copy Editor and Weekend Editor at Blavity News.

leslierose's posts

The Introvert's Guide To Navigating 'New Year, New Me'

It happens every year. The clock strikes midnight signaling the start of a new year, and boom — your social media timeline is crawling with the proclamation of “new year, new me.” This online trend has become one of the most common calendar-flipping occurrences. For introverts, the commonality of it all doesn’t resonate nearly as much as the terrifying nature of...

Exclusive: Jim Jones On Setting Trends And Being A Trending Topic

If there’s one thing Jim Jones knows about, it’s trends. The Dipset rapper has been a trending topic across social media platforms about everything from his hair to kissing his mother to saving his photographer’s life to even a fight that may or may not have taken place. Now, the seasoned emcee is on wax with a recent release that serves as a reminder that he actually...

All Of The Concerts We’re Looking Forward To This Year

Live music took an unexpected hiatus at the top of the Coronavirus pandemic keeping artists from intimately connecting with fans and snatching away a favorite pastime of music lovers. In the middle of 2021, during somewhat of a downturn in COVID-19 concerns, live music events began making their way back to stages across the country. Now, emboldened by tighter restrictions, vaccine...