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kennywilliamsjr Kenny Williams Jr.


A Detroit native, Kenneth 'Kenny' Williams Jr. is a self-described cultural critic and visual storyteller. While at Michigan State University, Kenneth received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and went on to obtain his Master of Arts degree in Public Relations. Kenneth's passions include pop culture, writing, and using his skill sets to actively and positively promote the narratives of Black people and Black culture. Interested in seeing more from Kenneth? Follow him on Medium at https://medium.com/@kennethwilliams310

kennywilliamsjr's posts

How 'P-Valley' Delved Into The Glory And Grimness That Can Come With Black Queer Love

Cisgender heterosexual folks aren't hard pressed to find representations of their romances on mainstream media. For queer people of color, it's a different ballpark.A GLAAD study found that in 2018, there were only 45 LGBTQ+ characters of color among all mainstream film releases. Among those characters, only 10 of them were Black.P-Valley, the acclaimed Starz drama centered on...

7 Brandy-Monica Hits For Our Wishful Verzuz Playlist

Fans across the world rejoiced when news broke that legendary musicians Brandy and Monica agreed to participate in their very own Verzuz battle, this month. Earlier this year, the two starlets expressed reservations when asked if they would be interested, but the stars have aligned to bring us the musical event that we’ve been asking for. Whether enchanted by the smooth...

Imagine A World Where Black Women Are Respected

Imagine a world where Black women are respected, protected or even believed. One would think this world already exists, but as of late it’s been made abundantly clear that Black women don’t receive the same grace as their male counterparts.  For weeks, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s names have been dragged through the mud by men all over the world, including...