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kennywilliamsjr Kenny Williams Jr.


A Detroit native, Kenneth 'Kenny' Williams Jr. is a self-described cultural critic and visual storyteller. While at Michigan State University, Kenneth received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and went on to obtain his Master of Arts degree in Public Relations. Kenneth's passions include pop culture, writing, and using his skill sets to actively and positively promote the narratives of Black people and Black culture. Any questions? Reach out at kenny.williams@blavity.com. Follow me on Instagram @kennyonce

kennywilliamsjr's posts

It's Aquarius Season: 7 Celebrities We're Celebrating This Month and Next

Depending on who you are, January could signify a lot of things, but one constant would be that this month is kicked off by none other than Aquariuses. Whether you’re an avid horoscope reader or don’t pay that much attention to astrology, we can all agree that our lives wouldn’t be the same without this special air sign. You may have friends, family members, or even...

8 Black-Led TV Shows You Need To Binge Right Now

Storytelling is one of the most important tools that can be instrumental in creating change, conversation or simply allowing people to be seen. Those of us who do not fit into the rigid confines of what a society drenched in white supremacy finds acceptable are oftentimes not depicted in the larger picture of media representation, especially when it comes to television. Our...

20 Black Podcasts To Check Out This Year

If the current state of the world has taught us anything, it’s the value of consuming content that nurtures our mind, body and spirit. In a world where one has to engage with digital media to stay abreast of current events, it’s important to do so in a way that aligns with your moral code. For some, that could be catching up on political happenings by perusing TheGrio or...