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kennywilliamsjr Kenny Williams Jr.


A Detroit native, Kenneth 'Kenny' Williams Jr. is a self-described cultural critic and visual storyteller. While at Michigan State University, Kenneth received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and went on to obtain his Master of Arts degree in Public Relations. Kenneth's passions include pop culture, writing, and using his skill sets to actively and positively promote the narratives of Black people and Black culture. Any questions? Reach out at kenny.williams@blavity.com. Follow me on Instagram @kennyonce

kennywilliamsjr's posts

I Lost My Dad To Drug Addiction. I Wish I'd Given Him More Grace When He Was Alive.

In 2016, I lost my father to a battle with drugs. Here's what I wish I could say to him:Dear Dad,I’m sorry. When Keyshia Cole’s mother, Frankie Lons, passed away this week, I immediately thought of you. You, too, struggled with substance abuse for most of your life and like Cole, I was the child left to deal with the aftermath, time and time again. Most of my...

The 5 Best Clapbacks In Reality TV History

Real Housewives of Potomac fans collectively gasped this week when Karen Huger, properly nicknamed the "Grand Dame," boldly proclaimed her colleague, Gizelle Bryant, had a “hot box” on the season 6 premiere.While this explosive foray for the spoils of quintessential primetime victory had many a viewer clutching our proverbial pearls, for reality TV...

The House of Balenciaga Sets The Record Straight On Ballroom Culture Lore

As the world comes together this June to collectively pay homage to the LGBTQ+ community and its contributions to culture as we know it, it’d be remiss not to shine a light on ballroom culture.For those who are unfamiliar, ballroom is a subculture within the LGBTQ+ community where predominantly Black and brown community members compete or “walk” for prizes. With its...