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kaystaal Crystal Holmes

Crystal studies politics and teaches writing at the University of Chicago. She is currently mad at all the things.

kaystaal's posts

Why It’s Easy To Become An Angry Black Woman In Our Trump-Kavanaugh America

It was a Supreme Court appointment. It wasn’t a trial. It wasn’t a review of his professional ethics, or of his fitness for his current job. He wasn’t risking a demotion or unemployment. He wouldn’t have had to register as a sex offender or give up his membership in any of the exclusive and elitist clubs to which he no doubt belongs. There was no talk of revoking...

Trolling Culture Has Made Us Forget It's Still Cool To Agree To Disagree

Fifty years ago, there was perhaps no more lethal insult in black America than to be called, by another black person, an Uncle Tom. By the 1990’s, sell-out arose to replace Uncle Tom as the rhetorical chastening rod of black cultural critics. Thirty years on, we have a new weapon with which to mark those whose views venture too close to the other side. We are solidly in the era of...