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johnsonmartese Martese Johnson


Strategist | Speaker | Advocate. Trusting my heart, following my dreams, and fighting for my people.

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What Series Like "Being Mary Jane" And "Insecure" Showing Us About Black Men

On my never-ending search for new television shows, I recently stumbled upon an unexpected favorite: a drama series called Being Mary Jane. Starring Gabrielle Union, the show focuses on the life of an African American news anchor named Mary Jane, her Latina partner in crime Kara, and Mary Jane’s friends and family. The series follows Mary Jane’s pursuit of love and...

15 Crucial Steps Toward Graduating from the 'Hood, Curated By Southside Chicagoans

Recently, a friend asked me how I made it to where I am today. For context, I am an African-American man from a poverty-line household with a single mother upbringing. I grew up on the southside of Chicago, attending several different Chicago Public Schools before matriculating to college. My family changed homes often, in hopes of avoiding neighborhood violence and maintaining some...