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Hip-hop, Darryl Strawberry and growing up black in New York City

It was his swing — it was always about his swing. There was a bravado in the batter’s box, a swag to the saunter at a time when “swag” wasn’t in our lexicon. The same year I was born, on May 16th, Daryl Strawberry was brought up from the minors and started his first game with the New York Mets. His saunter screamed a certain kind of emblematic Black Power, the one that would be released...

Reflecting on Prince and the impact he had on all of us

You will be late for a meeting on a Thursday afternoon. You will walk in with water bottle and notebook and find the first available seat, and apologize, in your head at least, for the five-minute delay. You just came back from some sunshine and catch-up with a co-worker and lost track of the time. When you’re seated, you’ll hear talks of a body found on the property, and TMZ reports,...

I Hate Pusha T’s Braids (But, Not Really): Cornrows, Hip-Hop And Micro-aggressions

I been hated Pusha T’s braids. I'm not even really sure if they’re like, micro-braids or box braids or boxer braids or cornrows, or what folks with natural hair be calling the different variants of their natural hair like 4D, 3F or 5E…sounding like breast sizes or Duracell batteries or apartment numbers, and I don’t ever really know if we’re talking...