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Facebook's 'Black People Problem' Is A Reminder That Diversity In Tech Has A Long Way To Go

Today I read a memo by former Facebook employee Mark Luckie about what he saw as a failure by Facebook to protect, include, and promote its Black users and employees.Luckie’s observations included statistics about how much of the Black population utilized FB’s platforms – 70% on FB and 43% on Instagram, and that, ‘Black people are driving the kind of meaningful...

Why Your Ex Needs To Peace Out When A New Partner Is In Town

When I read “mommy blogs” or articles about co-parenting families, and the subject of stepmom or long-time significant other comes up, it seems like the birth mother consensus and "other woman" resolve is always the following:All of this existed at some point before you, and there is no room to accommodate, comfort you or make changes, newbie.This narrative is...