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Dez White discusses using tech to promote community, new State Safe Stop App and ChyMoji

Photo: Jennifer S. Campos Black women have a reputation for giving new strength to industries otherwise only occupied by wealthy white men. The tech circuit is one of them. The number of tech brands pushing to better diversify the tech industry is growing exponentially. But black women make up the largest group of college degree holders in the nation and are the fastest growing group...

Here's how you can register to vote that eliminates every excuse you have

National Voter Registration Day has come and gone. But the push to get more Americans to register to vote is far from over. With the series of presidential debates continuing until the end of October, it's the perfect time for the Americans who aren't registered to vote to at least be eligible to cast an official ballot in November. If you're one of those who have yet to register, you...

Every organic cosmetics line to try if you haven't already

Health is at the forefront of almost every conversation these days. Whether it's the discussion around mental health, the integrity of our personal hygiene products or the quality of our food, we're much more aware and in tune with our bodies. It seems like everyone is trying some new vegan-isa diet or variation of yoga as of late. And I'm here for it. But it's not solely about...