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Student-journalist, feminist, blogger

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Ambré’s Psychedelic R&B Is The Perfect Cuddling Season Soundtrack

There’s a certain spiritual experience happening when Ambré Perkins graces the stage. The singer and songwriter can initially come across as shy, but this disappears throughout her performance, as she begins intimately connecting with the crowd. Ambré mainly focuses on inciting a kaleidoscopic aesthetic through a reciprocal cathartic exchange between herself and the...

Comedian Dewayne Perkins On Being Black, Gay And Funny As Hell In Hollywood

Dewayne Perkins knows he’s funny. He has the confidence of a veteran comic, which is why his upcoming one-man show is titled How Being Black and Gay Made Me Better Than You. However, his mental toughness doesn’t come from his comedic experience. It comes from a much darker place.“It’s because I’m dead inside, but in a good way,” Perkins told...

25 Years After Her Debut Album, We Still Wanna Be Down With Brandy

It’s rather difficult for an artist to create a strong debut album, and it's even harder to create a debut album that's still considered a classic decades later. However, Brandy accomplished this feat at only 15 years old with the release of her eponymous debut album 25 years ago. Balancing both an alluring teenage flair and veteran vocals, Brandy gave the world a...