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Will2559 Kenneth J. Williams Jr.


A Detroit native, Kenneth 'Kenny' Williams Jr. is a self-described cultural critic and visual storyteller. While at Michigan State University, Kenneth received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and went on to obtain his Master of Arts degree in Public Relations. Kenneth's passions include pop culture, writing, and using his skill sets to actively and positively promote the narratives of Black people and Black culture. Interested in seeing more from Kenneth? Follow him on Medium at https://medium.com/@kennethwilliams310

Will2559's posts

Black Men Need To #SayHerName A Lot Louder And Fight For Black Women, Too

We’ve got to do better. When I say “we,” I’m talking about Black men. Oftentimes, the idea of privilege comes up and we forget that we have male privilege. While we are oppressed because of our skin color, we still benefit from being men and it’s time we use that advantage to help elevate Black women — cisgender or otherwise. Black women have...

How Defunding The Police Helps To Defund Racism

This year, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, settled a four-year long case in which a group of  Black students in Detroit had to fight for the literal right to literacy. In 2016, these students filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan for the abominable conditions of Detroit schools while also arguing that it is a constitutional right for students to receive proper...

These Brands Are Being Called Out For Their Black Lives Posts

In between pillaging spaces for the sake of domination, white-owned brands have forgotten something. Black people are the catalyst for the culture they so arrogantly steal and profit from. That being said, when these companies capitalize off of Black spending power by creating brands that plagiarize our aesthetic, the least they can do is show up to our fight for justice in a...