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Journalist. Publicist. True Chicagoan. Woman of God. Boy Mom. "I enjoy discussing the 'unfavorable' subjects for the sake of creating public awareness and provoking actions towards justice."

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9 Black Mental Health Apps To Help You Get Your Mind Right

It's been a long time coming but self-care is all the rage right now. The last few years have brought on an influx of revolutionized practices, sage burning, crystal rubbing, yoni steaming, hiking, meal prepping -- you get my point, right? As unusual as the self-care bandwagon may seem, it is certainly the type of popularization that we encourage, especially for Black...

8 Products From Black-Owned Companies To Gift The Foodie In Your Life

There's a special group of people who influence the popularity of foods we love and hate: The foodie.Food lovers, bloggers, chefs and home cooks help us explore a variety of cuisines from different cities, states, countries and continents. This holiday, better yet this year, has proven to be the perfect time to shower our loved ones in their love language. So, if there is a special...

7 Adult Coloring Books By Black Illustrators To Help You Zen Your Way Through The Rest Of 2020

Coloring books may seem like a thing of the past or just an extremely nostalgic reference to our childhood, but their use is actually universal.There could be chaos surrounding a child who's got their coloring book and crayons sprawled out in front of them but nothing will stop a kid who is determined to color. Adults deserve the same freedom. We go to work, we care for the...