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Journalist. Publicist. True Chicagoan. Woman of God. Boy Mom. "I enjoy discussing the 'unfavorable' subjects for the sake of creating public awareness and provoking actions towards justice."

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Sister-Sistah! These Two Siblings Are Creating Spaces That Challenge Stereotypes Against Womxn

Women, too often, are not given enough credit. And, if we're talking about Black women, the respect is even less. Black women get all the flak, while our hairstyles, fashion trends, bodily curves, vernacular and boldness are gentrified. Black women are expected to carry the weight of the world and be quiet about how heavy it is. We are expected to support everyone else and be strong...

'MEANDSOMEBODYSON' Creator Discusses Viral Instagram Page And What's Next After 2020 Pandemic

When we see a couple in a healthy, happy relationship, we tend to pin the pair as “relationship goals.” Relationship goals are what many romantic hopefuls, whether single or committed, wish for.  The idea of true love, traveling the world, trying new foods, wearing matching outfits, going on cute dates, taking adorable pictures, buying gifts and all that cute ish with...

Meet Three Members Of Morehouse College's History Making Polo Team

Ask Black millennials anything about Polo and many might reference Kanye West’s obsession with the Ralph Lauren clothing brand back in 2004. Some might even think of Bow Wow’s song, "Marco Polo." But it would be surprising to hear Black youth reference the Polo sport that has often been associated with white Ivy League schools.The horseback mounted game is known as...