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Tyler Marie Lawrence Tyler Marie Lawrence

Journalist. Publicist. True Chicagoan. Lover of The Most High God. Great Debater. "I enjoy discussing the 'unfavorable' subjects for the sake of creating public awareness and provoking actions towards justice."

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From Corporate to Canvas: Chicago Artist Joe Medcalf Shares How To Turn A Creative Hobby Into A Successful Side-Hustle

Every working professional can benefit from having a hobby — an activity unrelated to the work they do at their job. The interest should allow them to relax and reset, providing much-needed strength to keep going back to work, day in and day out. But what if your hobby could work for you? What if that thing you enjoy doing after work or on the weekends could actually be a source...

When These 5 Black Women Spin On The Beat, The Beat Gets Sicker Every Time

During the developmental stages of hip-hop, the radio DJ was the person who artists really wanted to connect with to ensure their music got airtime. Today, DJs remain just as significant, spinning for clubs, concerts, galas, block parties, festivals and more. They are creating their own fan base, even releasing their own mixtapes and albums. As such, a hot DJ is a hot commodity and can...

5 Nursery Songs That Are Actually Really Racist And Should Be Removed From Every Child's Learning Routine

Families and educators have used nursery rhymes to soothe, teach and entertain children for centuries. According to The New Shell Book of Firsts, though it’s unclear if they were actually called nursery rhymes at the time, the first reported collection of nursery rhymes were recorded as early as 1744 in Tom Thumb’s Songbook. The melodic poems have been seen as viable assets...