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Tracey Onyenacho Tracey Onyenacho


Tracey Onyenacho is a writer who fights for social justice just as much as she loves dancing to Afrobeats. She's not afraid of the taboo and her words will prove that every time.

Tracey Onyenacho's posts

5 Ways Politicians Are Contributing To Gentrification

Gentrification is heading full speed to a neighborhood near you. Many housing activists and local residents have protested against displacement and gentrification in their neighborhoods, from the Bronx to San Diego. Yet, developers are still buying up land and raising the property values, particularly in Black, low-income neighborhoods. According to CityLab, gentrified neighborhoods...

Here Are The Wall Street Banks Who Are Pulling Away From Mass Incarceration

Prisons cost a lot of money to operate. The government may be pushing funds into public prisons to keep them open, but banks are also major investors in the prison industrial system. Huge banks have donated millions of dollars to GEO Group, Inc. and CoreCivic, two of the largest prison companies in the country. Ever since mass incarceration became a big business, large banks have been...