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Tracey Onyenacho Tracey Onyenacho


Tracey Onyenacho is a writer who fights for social justice just as much as she loves dancing to Afrobeats. She's not afraid of the taboo and her words will prove that every time.

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If You've Ever Been Stopped By The Police, You're Probably In Their Gang Database

Imagine getting pulled over by the police. Moments later, the police officer lets you know that you have been listed as a gang member in a gang database by their department. These entries into digital gang databases have been around since the 1980s as an “investigative tool” for police departments to use when cracking down on gang activity and formation. However, these gang...

Here's How Black People Are Creating Economic Autonomy Now

Mutual aid societies are a large part of Black American history that is rarely mentioned in textbooks. Mutual aid societies were communities where members offered resources and used their skills to help each other sustain themselves. It was a give-and-take exchange that allowed many enslaved and free Black people to stay alive in particularly physical and financial hard times. A big...

Here’s Why The Puerto Rican People Forced Governor Ricky Russello To Resign

Puerto Rico Governor Ricky Rossello announced Wednesday night that he will step down after citizens called for his resignation over the past few weeks. On Monday, over 1 million people stormed the streets demanding the governor to step down after leaked chats revealed illegal behavior. That protest deemed "The Great March" is one of the largest demonstrations in the...