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Black Women In California Are Unemployed At Double The Rate Of White Women Amid Pandemic

A new study highlights the increasing rate of Black and Latinx women in California who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. According to The Mercury News, the U.S. Census Bureau data from the California Budget & Policy Center showed the disparity.The number of Black women working in California declined by 23% between March and May, the research concluded. The...

Louisville Protestors March For More Than 45 Days In Fight For Justice For Breonna Taylor

It has been four months since Louisville Metro Police Department officers killed Breonna Taylor while she was sleeping in her home. Still, none of the three officers involved in the killing have been arrested, and only one of them has been fired, as Blavity previously reported.Looking for justice, protesters in Louisville have been demonstrating for 45 straight days, WLKY reported....