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TinaLifford Tina Lifford


Tina Lifford, plays Aunt Vi on the critically acclaimed television show Queen Sugar. Her passion work encourages people to give attention to Inner Fitness the way we give attention to our physical fitness. Her self-help book, The Little Book of BIG LIES is due to be released by a division of Harper Collins in November 2019.

TinaLifford's posts

Living Your Best Life in 2019: An Uncommon Approach

A dope-ass life is the goal, right? But what does that mean? You say you want to be successful. However, how will you feel when you manifest the pictures in your mind, yet still struggle with an old hurt, trauma or insecurity?Real talk: Success and happiness are not synonymous. Both require intentionality and effort. Yet, the internal work necessary is under-acknowledged.Here are four...

How Challenging The Status Quo Is Actually An Act Of Healing

I grew up in the '60s when a lot of important questions were never asked and important issues were never discussed. That’s the way it was. People didn’t talk, and secrets festered in families, communities and society.The first time I remember challenging this paradigm, my father had just entered the house, bone tired from a day of manual labor. Before he could kick off...