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Hip-Hop’s Love-Hate Relationship With Education

Written by Nolan Jones, Mills College____The richest men in hip-hop never finished college.Jay-Z – who is regarded as hip-hop’s first billionaire – never graduated from high school.Kanye West – who is considered hip-hop’s second billionaire – was a college dropout, as he titled his debut album.So was Dr. Dre – another hip-hop icon and a...

Racial Discrimination Is Linked To Suicidal Thoughts In Black Adults And Children

Written by Janelle R. Goodwill, University of Chicago____Frederick Douglass is regarded as one of the most prominent abolitionists the world has ever seen. Alongside his extraordinary contributions as an influential speaker, writer and human rights advocate, Douglass—who was born into slavery and gained freedom in September 1838—also wrote openly about his struggles...