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Old Statues Of Confederate Generals Are Slowly Disappearing — Will Monuments Honoring People Of Color Replace Them?

Written by Frederick Gooding, Jr., Texas Christian University____With most of the legal challenges resolved after the violent Unite the Right rally, and the statue of Robert E. Lee removed from its lofty pedestal in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, local lawmakers in December 2021 voted to do the unimaginable – donate the statue to the local Jefferson School African...

Should You Be My Valentine? Research Helps Identify Good And Bad Romantic Relationships

Written by Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., Monmouth University____“Will you be my Valentine?”People all across the country say those words in the run-up to February 14 and the Valentine’s Day holiday. Whether you’re asking a brand new paramour or a long-term partner, the question can evoke feelings both of romantic uncertainty and possibility.But for the well-being...