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Lauryn Hill Covers Nina Simone's song and it's beautiful

On July 10, RCA Recordings will release a Nina Simone tribute album called Nina Revisited: A Tribute To Nina Simone. Lauryn Hill released a statement about the track to RollingStone: “Because I fed on this music, both hers and lovers like her, like my basic food, I believed I always had a right to have a voice. Her example is clearly a form of sustenance to a generation needing to find...

Cleveland Judge Finds Probable Cause to Charge Officers in #TamirRice Death

On Thursday, Judge Ronald B. Adrine in Cleveland ruled that probable cause existed to charge two Cleveland police officers in the death of a Tamir Rice in 2014. Rice was shot by police Officer Timothy Loehmann,  while he was holding a toy gun. The judge does not have the power to order the arrests without a complaint being filed by the prosecutor. According to the Los Angeles Times,...

In the bay? Check Out This Exciting Discussion About Black Creatives

Black people influence culture - just look at top trends on Twitter, rankings of the latest songs or open Vine to see the most popular dances. As access to technology has increased, new outlets for Black creatives have made it possible for us to regain control of narratives and create stories that reflect our shared experiences. In Oakland, the Museum of the African Diaspora Vanguard...