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Tiffany, Issa And The Complicated Nature Of Adult Friendship

The "High-Like" episode of HBO's Insecure was undoubtedly the best and wildest episode of a season which began with quite a slow start. It had all the makings of what has made this show so legendary: the raucous silliness of an epic girl’s trip, a redefinition of what it means to join the mile-high club, a drug induced fight scene and perfectly-timed Kelli quotables...

Power's Gruesome New Season Is Turning Me Off

In the past year, I have become an avid watcher of the STARZ series Power.  I am not the quick on the draw viewer, the kind that sits around on Saturday night watching so they can immediately post unsolicited spoilers and piss off all their Facebook friends.  I am the broke graduate student, siphoning cable from a father of a friend who likely has no idea I have access to his...