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Paulana Lamonier

Paulana Lamonier is a multimedia journalist who loves to tell compelling stories. She loves Jesus, chocolate and still cries when she watches the ending of 'Set it Off.' Check out her latest updates on her new site, Paulana.co.

Paulana Lamonier's posts

Are Money Habits Hereditary? How You Handle Money Can Affect Your Kids

After being raised by our parents and/or guardians, there are a lot of habits, tendencies and personality traits we pick up. You might have your father’s smile and his horrible sense of humor or weird dance moves. But from your mother, you’ve got her style, smarts and perhaps that nice figure of yours.But who are you more like when it comes to handling money? As you mature...

Get Your Financial Life Together In These 5 Steps

Your financial life is in limbo right now.You’re deciding whether to stack up for your emergency fund or start paying more than the minimum balance on your credit card bills. Avoiding Sallie Mae’s phone calls, emails and letters has been a series of “Catch Me If You Can” since graduation and your credit score is a solid 640.But now you’re at a point where...

Thinking About Getting Engaged? Here’s How To Combine And Manage Accounts Responsibly

The both of you already had dinner with the parentals, went engagement ring shopping, and even daydreamed about what your wedding day — and honeymoon night — would be.Now it's time to talk about money.Talking about money with your significant other isn’t optional —  it’s crucial. Figuring out each other’s money habits, past debts history,...