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Omohamed Orit Mohamed


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The Difference Between Nigerian And Ghanaian Jollof Rice, Explained

West African jollof rice is a longtime staple of the region, and it has become a hallmark food item for the average black foodie. For anyone that has yet to try jollof, you're severely missing out. Jollof rice takes your average grain to new heights, with flavors and pairings that make it a timeless dish.But what the average consumer may not realize is that this dish is actually the...

'It Is Chaos, It Is Fear': Two Haitian Activists On The Reality Of Living Under Trump's Racist Immigration Policies

Blavity REPORT -- Haiti is the world’s first independent black republic. It is a country that has endured and triumphed. Despite attempts to exploit, ostracize and demonize the island, Haiti remains a symbol of black resistance and perseverance.In January of 2010, after the devastating earthquake that killed nearly 300,000 Haitians, the Obama administration granted nearly 50,000...

Supporting Transitions: Effective Ways to Guide Students Through Changes

Schools exist in our collective consciousness as agents of both liberation and restraint. Schools can determine if you remain trapped in your cycle of poverty or if you’re able to escape its grasp. Full of both potential and harm, the influence of schools on lives, especially the lives of the marginalized, cannot be overstated.Challenges faced by underprivileged students are often...