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Silicon Selma: Why Innovation Inequality Matters Today

In 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joined the community of Selma, AL to lead the Selma-to-Montgomery March that would change voting rights history forever. His Nobel Lecture the year before suggests why King, if alive today, might address innovation inequality as the civil rights issue of our era.     “In spite of spectacular strides in science and technology, and...

Marshawn Lynch Surprises Students In East Palo Alto With BeastCode Event

When Laura Ingraham of Fox News recommended that LeBron James “shut up and dribble,” she exposed how some see our heroes.This limiting and toxic viewpoint is why Marshawn Lynch’s support of StreetCode Academy is so relevant. Marshawn is more than a legendary athlete, he is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate for empowering and educating our youth.On Monday,...