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Nine Requirements To Be Considered A "Real Rapper" According To Rap Purists.

Confession: I have a really hard time listening to up north music with up north beats.  Rather, I can listen to it in small doses, but it’s hard to really enjoy it. I’m not sure when this came about because I remember the days when the north reigned as the supreme leaders of rap.  That’s where it was born after all.  I think the shift in the industry...

5 Hidden Gems You Didn't Catch From 'Get Out'

Black cinema is in the midst of a revival -- we are finally seeing movies with black writers and directors creating stories that reflect the black experience. The latest of such films is Jordan Peele's Get Out. The film received 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes -- a rare occurrence --  and topped the box office with $30.5 million in ticket sales according to the LA...