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How to get back on track with your 2016 goals

Remember those resolutions you set in January? The sacrifice you made for Lent? Have you made progress yet? You had such good intentions when you set your goals, but life got in the way and it's hard to remember what you even wanted to change in the first place. Blame it on a weird winter or unexpected life changes or loss of motivation – most people hit a slump with their goals by...

10 Times black people won 2015

This year has been wrought with murders of unarmed black youth and attacks on those who peacefully try to change a broken system. Although the black community has suffered extreme loss and pain this year, we've held our heads high and created some pretty awesome headlines. Here are just 10 of our many shining moments from 2015. 1. The Obamas shutting down their China State...

8 Traditions You Need To Start This Holiday Season

During this holiday season, we usually get dragged to parties with family members we have never met or to other random obligatory events. Sometimes we might get stuck in a city far away from family and we rely on friends to carry us through the holidays. Instead of biding your time until the new year and all its well-intentioned resolutions, try creating your own traditions that can...