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Nashai Catlett Nashai Catlett


Philly writer. Wellness and Pop Culture. I love Hip Hop. Slob in my personal life. Assassin in my professional life. hashtag: Balance

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Ain’t No Love: Why Your City Isn’t The Reason Your Brand Isn’t Growing

Separating yourself from being "normal" and venturing off into your own business can be a lot of good and bad things. It can be exciting, it can nerve-wracking, it can be frustrating, and it can humbling. Venturing off into your own business can be exciting because you’re doing something you love, nerve-wracking because running your own brand comes with a lot of...

Fake Women Empowerment Is A Thing That Really Shouldn’t Exist At All

There is no specific definition for women empowerment. Since the late 1840’s women have been fighting for equality. From economic empowerment to political empowerment, women have been battling gender-related barriers to break down the social norms of women like sexual harassment, career progression and unequal pay, where women are paid less than men are for performing the same...