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Culture Editor for Blavity.

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This Music Festival Creator Is Connecting The Diaspora By Giving 'Afrobeats To The World'

In the words of Dr. Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, "Music makes me lose control." But songs influence more than involuntary dance movements. According to various studies, music has a laundry list of emotional and therapeutic effects. However, out of all the power music holds, its ability to bring folks together is probably its greatest asset — just ask Afro Nation...

Venus Williams Shares Three Easy Steps To Help Young Creatives Stay Healthy And Slay Their Goals

We all know superstar tennis player Venus Williams as one of many people to exemplify Black excellence and athletic finesse. Her name stands out among the countless trailblazers, who have advanced the culture and made us proud. However, there's much more to the phenomenal athlete than tennis. Williams is a successful creative, intelligent businesswoman, fearless entrepreneur...