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Culture Editor for Blavity.

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An Ancient African Burial Ground Sat Under A Harlem Bus Depot For 50 Years, Meet The Team That's Reclaiming It

An interesting thing about history is, no matter how deep it's buried it always manages to surface. No matter how close history comes to being forgotten, somehow the memory returns.Thankfully, Black history is as strong as 4C hair follicles and it ain't going nowhere, but there is still a lot to uncover. One of the latest stories rising to the surface is an ancient African...

What Vanessa Williams' Career Teaches Us About 'When One Door Closes'

How does one make it through "the worst thing" that could ever happen? Looking toward actress, singer, beauty queen and fashion designer Vanessa Williams, I'd say, "Keep moving forward." Thirty-five years ago, Williams was set up for what TIME and many others consider, one of the greatest comeback stories of all time. However, I find her...