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Culture Editor for Blavity. Olympic blogger, Storyteller and Fufu + soup connoisseur.

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When It Comes To Black Solidarity Versus Accountability, The Struggle Is Real

Just. Like. Clockwork. A beloved Black man's worst moment is hurled into the spotlight, and Black people everywhere are forced to make one of three decisions: Do we publicly ignore the allegations and rush to his defense? Do we join the collective scolding? Or do we just stay silent? It happened when HBO released the Leaving Neverland documentary. Now the media is trying to...

Rap Snacks CEO Discusses The Black-Owned Brand’s 25-Year Rise From The Corner Store To Walmart

It seems like out of nowhere, potato chip bags with rap artists on the packaging suddenly popped up on our favorite corner store shelves. Those chips are part of a company called Rap Snacks, Inc. Its CEO and founder, James Lindsay, told Blavity that eventually Rap Snacks will become one of the most recognized snack food brands in the world.Only time will tell if Lindsay reaches that...

The Under Told Story Of 'The Big Six,' Organizers Of The Civil Rights Movement

Note: This article is part of Blavity's #MakingHistoryWhileBlack Black History Month series where we are highlighting unsung historical black figures whose personal stories are deserving of more prominence.One of the greatest collaborations to ever exist didn't happen on a soundtrack. It didn't even take place on a sports team. It came together in 1963 at a swanky New York...