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‘Mama Glow’ Founder Latham Thomas Is A Dedicated Doula Who Is Redefining Beauty For Black Moms Everywhere

Living a healthy, conscious and sustainable lifestyle is a shift many consumers are adapting to nowadays. One of the leaders of this movement is Latham Thomas. As a lifestyle maven, Thomas serves as a doula, educator, author and advocate for maternal health. She is also the founder of Mama Glow, a maternity lifestyle brand that supports women through each stage of the childbearing...

How Freddie Ransome Is Bringing A Fresh Face And Her Best Self To The World Of Beauty

If you are familiar with black women influencers of beauty in 2019 then you have heard of Freddie Ransome. Serving as a new face in this realm, Ransome is a junior producer for Buzzfeed and co-host of Ladylike -- a viral web video series where she, along with other co-hosts, discuss topics around beauty, body-positivity, fashion and feminism. She is refreshingly honest and has...