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The Internet Thrives Off Of Black Content, But Who Profits From The Content?

Social media can be a lot like the New York City subway system. Despite the huge economic disparities between class that exists in NYC, the train is a space where many worlds blend. This doesn’t only apply for the rich and poor either; on the subway, all races, ethnicities, and religions intercept as well. On the subway, much like Twitter, for example, it appears that the most...

Why Harlem Is A Complicated Beast That Continues To Give Hope To Many

American Gangster, Harlem Nights, New Jack City, Juice and Annie. These are all movies that have reached a worldwide demographic and achieved critical acclaim. They’ve showcased a vision of Harlem that has helped determine a certain perspective that millions of viewers have taken as definitive and true. “Harlem is dangerous, dirty and black." "Harlem is exciting,...