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Lacrisha Honeybrown Lacrisha Honeybrown


Lacrisha is a thugged out therapist and writer who likes to spend her spare time participating in sophisticated ratchet hippie thug scholar things like lamenting adulting and reading books. She is the Founder of "Therapy Is Light," a faith, entrepreneurship, and mental health awareness brand that includes witty apparel and community speaking engagements to promote mental health awareness in underserved communities, specifically Black and minority communities! The creative is using the brand to promote "making a bold statement without saying a word" to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage people to wear their light! Follow @TherapyIsLight on social media to keep up with the movement and get your mental health awareness merch!

Lacrisha Honeybrown's posts

Poetic Injustice: Why The Loss Of Nipsey Hussle Made The World Stand Still

The movies that left me reeling for countless hours afterwards were usually the ones that didn't blatantly make sense or end how I wanted them to. You know, the films when the guy and girl actually don't end up together, leaving you completely distressed and confused, even while knowing that in real life, oftentimes the guy and the girl who love each other actually do not end up...

Helpers Need Help, Too: What It's Like Being A Therapist With Anxiety

When your profession puts you in a position of perceived perpetual strength, power and “togetherness,” it appears to become difficult for people to suspect or even believe that you endure the same stressors and emotions that they do. As a therapist, I put on my Superwoman invincibility cloak every weekday morning to provide the empathy, hope, validation, support and...