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Karmen M. Smith Karmen M. Smith


Founder and Minister at Poor Culture.

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Representation In America Still Only Makes Room For A Few Black Leaders And That's A Problem

From inventors to scientist to writers, the contributions of Black and brown “hidden figures” are beginning to see the light of day. Following the success of Kerry Washington in ABC’s Scandal, we began to see more Black female leading women on the screen. Shows like Being Mary Jane, Insecure, Grown-ish and Claws hit the airwaves and continue to move the culture...

The Faceless Facebook: Where Are The Adults At The Mega Company?

I grew up in a strict home and can recall my mother repeating several times throughout my childhood: “If you lie you’ll cheat. If you’ll cheat you’ll steal.” My mother did not have patience for even the hint of dishonesty. She believed that lying was telling of a person’s character. My mother ran a tight ship, and she was keen on knowing everything...