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Kandist Mallett Kandist Mallett

Senior Political Editor at Blavity

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Being Counted: Why It’s Worth The Effort To Make Sure That We’re Counted In The Census

The presidential election isn’t the only important political event happening this year. In accordance with Article I section 2, the US will conduct a census survey of all US residents. This happens once a decade and impacts congressional seats and the allocation of federal funding. While it might not be as flashy as the presidential race, the 2020 census deserves our focus as...

What To Do If You're Feeling Election Burnout

Is it just me, or does it feel like this Democratic primary run has been going on FOREVER? With what started as 28 candidates running, to now only 8, it’s been a long race to Super Tuesday. While your brain may be telling you to check out, right now is the time we should be reinvesting our involvement in this primary race. Here are several ways you can avoid election...

Everything Is Not Fine: How Trump Had His Best Week Ever, And That's A Scary Thing For America

With a campaign ad in the Super Bowl and a State of The Union address that he used as a campaign speech, Donald Trump’s swing into campaign season has begun. And while Democrats are still clamoring to figure out who won Iowa Caucus (spoiler alert: It was Bernie), Trump has had his best week ever. That’s bad news for America. Trump launches $10 million campaign ad during...