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Kandist Mallett Kandist Mallett

Senior Political Editor at Blavity

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Bernie Dropped The Ball On Black Voters, Here's How He Can Pick Back Up

Sen. Bernie Sanders's momentum was cut short after placing second in South Carolina’s primary. While he took the lead in earlier primary states and caucuses like Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, those races were not won by Black voters. In Nevada, non-Black Latino voters helped give him the push that he needed to win. Black Nevada voters went mainly to former Vice President Joe...

Super Tuesday Might Change Everything, Here's Why.

We are deep in the primary season and Super Tuesday is around the corner. If you’re in one of the states that will be voting on March 3rd, here are a few things for you to know ahead of Super Tuesday.What is Super Tuesday? On Tuesday, March 3, people from over a dozen states will be voting in the primary elections. Primaries not only decide party nominees for the general...

Being Counted: Why It’s Worth The Effort To Make Sure That We’re Counted In The Census

The presidential election isn’t the only important political event happening this year. In accordance with Article I section 2, the US will conduct a census survey of all US residents. This happens once a decade and impacts congressional seats and the allocation of federal funding. While it might not be as flashy as the presidential race, the 2020 census deserves our focus as...