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JS_Mackey09 Joshua Mackey

Joshua Mackey is a higher education professional by day and a writer by night. A native of North Carolina, he likes to bring a little southern charm to everything that he does. You can catch him reading James Baldwin on his BK commute or searching for the next, best coffee shop in NYC. #UnapologeticallyBlack #UnapologeticallyQueer

JS_Mackey09's posts

Perception Isn't Reality: Understanding Implicit Bias And Why We Need To Change

This piece was submitted from a member of our enthusiastic community of readers. If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on any cultural, political or personal topic, check out our how-to post to learn more.What if I told you that you see the world through a collection of automatic photo filters. Each one giving you a different way to look at everything and...

The Benefits Of Building Black Allies In The Office

“It takes a village to raise a child” they say. Well, it also takes a village to cultivate a professional. In a dog-eat-dog world, it means so much to have a community of individuals in the office who can support, advise, and transform you into a better professional all around. In the spirit of Game of Thrones (#DemThrones #JusticeForMissandei), you might consider them your...