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I am a creator, writer, conversationalist, and influencer whose goal is to constantly engage progressive, raw, and unapologetic narratives. As a speaker, writer, moderator, and podcaster I bring a necessary perspective to any dialogue.

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The Problem With Shaming Black Duality

We have all seen the countless memes about your MCM does ______ but has never ______. We have seen the various tweets pitting one aspect of black interest against another and using it as a blueprint to show the deficiencies in black people collectively, but there's a major problem in doing that. Black people are not one dimensional, despite what mainstream entertainment tells you....

Chance The Rapper Receives BET Humanitarian Award And Calls For Justice.

While the older generation seems to harshly critique the upcoming artist of the new generation of music, one artist is solidified as being the head of his class - Chance the Rapper. On Sunday's BET Music Awards Chance took home two awards, one for Best New Artist and more importantly the BET Humanitarian Award. The amazing factor about this is, at the age of only 24 years old...

Bill Maher Calls Himself A "House N*GGA"

Bill Maher has gotten very comfortable revealing his recklessness in "Real Time". Over the weekend Bill Maher made the joke that he was a "house nigger" in an interview with senator with Senator Ben Sasse take a look - Let's discuss this. While I feel the argument about why we as a community get the permissible right to use the N-word vs. the white community...