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Nicki Minaj Criticized for Angola Performance, But Is It Fair?

“Independent women only!” Dropping it low in a sheer, bejeweled bodysuit, flanked by female dancers in black leotards and yellow tights, Nicki Minaj changed the lyrics to her single “Only” to give a shout-out to independent Angolan sisters when she performed Saturday at a holiday concert sponsored by phone company Unitel. Unitel is controlled by Isabel dos Santos, daughter of Angolan...

3 Tips to make your holiday donations pay off via @ebonymag

A lot of us give to charities, our places of worship, or other non-profit organizations during the holidays. While it probably makes you feel good to help the less fortunate, you should also know that your generosity can have financial perks too in the form of tax breaks. Here are 3 tips to make your holiday donations and year-end giving pay off when you file your next tax return...

Mastering the Art of Prioritizing via @ebonymag

"After working with hundreds of professionals, managing four children, a husband and a business, I've learned that prioritizing can save people a lot of grief and help them make a lot of money.” ~Jinnie Cristerna Time is the only thing that is equally distributed to everyone on the planet. Regardless of your gender, race, or income, everyone has 525,600 minutes (or 8,760 hours) each...