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Dr.Virgil MD Bande Virgil, MD


Dr. Virgll is a board certified pediatrician and children's health expert. She offers in the motherhood trenches parenting advice.

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Find Our Girls: What We Can Do To Keep Teens Safe

Teen girls of color are missing in DC, mysteriously and quietly. Prior to social media outcry sadly, there has not been much national coverage over this terrifying and unsettling phenomenon. We have absolutely no idea where these girls are going or why. Is this random coincidence? Organized trafficking? What exactly are we up against? In the meantime, what can we do to prevent teens...

Paging Princess Tiana, The Disappearing Disney Princess

Disney pictures released The Princess and the Frog in November of 2009. The excitement and anticipation of the first African American Disney princess were palpable. Ratings mirrored that in communities of color, young girls and their families purchased Tiana merchandise, patronized the film, and supported the products in large numbers. The Princess Tiana Doll was nominated for the...