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DemarraG's posts

Finding My Place In A Community That Sometimes Doesn’t See Me As ‘Fully Black'

The issue of identity has been on my mind a lot lately. I grew up in a home where blackness ranged from latte, as in the case of my mother, and mocha in the case of my oldest sister. Race was such a taboo issue to talk about in my family that it wasn't until my grandfather was on his death bed that I realized he was mainly white; believe it or not, I always saw him as a light...

Why Colorism Is Still Keeping Black Women Divided

I attended Detroit Demo Day recently, which was amazing! More than one million dollars was invested in worthy entrepreneurs, including youth, and mainly people of color. But during the event, something struck me. When one of the judges were announced as "black girl magic," a woman behind me said, "I thought she said black girl magic..." Apparently the judge's...