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Danyella Wilder Danyella Wilder

Danyella Wilder is a freelance writer and reporter currently based in Southern CA. She is a recent graduate of the Medill School of Journalism M.S. program at Northwestern University where she focused on magazine and feature writing. Danyella has a passion for writing about culture and uses her free time to engage in sustainable living practices.

Danyella Wilder's posts

A New York Program Using Mental Health Specialists To Respond To Crises Shows Promise For Black Communities

In the aftermath of the 2020 social justice protests and calls for reform against police brutality, the U.S. has begun to grapple with itself in finding ways to better protect Americans, mainly Black people and those in vulnerable communities. In acknowledgment, public officials and advocates have pushed for immediate change by challenging one phenomenon— how society responds to...

Here's Why Black Lives Matter Says They're Supporting Cuba

After being at the forefront of advocacy for victims of civil and social unjust in the U.S., Black Lives Matter (BLM) is now throwing its support behind another matter— Cuba's government. Cubans, including Afro Latinas, have been protesting the country's government and dire economic shortages, NBC News reported. Residents have taken to the streets to demand freedom...