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Journalist. Poet. Truth seeker.

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These Two Queer Black Women Running For Florida House Could Make History. And They're Getting Some Folks Excited To Vote.

For many Black Americans, the 2012 horror of Trayvon Martin's killing would render the taste of red skittles, metallic and the sweet crisp of Arizona tea, embittered.Martin’s young life was stolen before he could enjoy the boyish snacks he carried on his way home. What's worse is that his killing was not avenged, but justified by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. The...

'The Black Trans Prayer Book' Is A Stunning Reminder Of The Everlasting Divinity Of Trans People

As Black Americans rise up against their persecution by police, the threat faced by Black trans people appears injuriously acceptable to the masses.In a recent video, three Black trans women of color were robbed, stalked and attacked by men who saw a home for violence in their bodies. A chorus of laughter and misgendered insults narrated the attack, as bystanders chose to film the...

This Wellness Expert Breaks Down What Generational Trauma Really Looks Like And How To Resolve It

Amid calls for Black liberation nationwide, the lilt of a freed spirit remains as important as any demand for defunded departments and racial justice. According to wellness coach Leyanne Oliveira, cries for peace and equality in the outside world must first be echoed throughout the infinite universe within. Oliveira, who began her work in the wellness realm five years ago, supports...