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Journalist. Poet. Truth seeker.

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Sober Brown Girls Is A Rare Safe Space For Women Of Color Looking To Overcome Addiction

A particularly grueling morning which followed another night of binge drinking led Sober Brown Girls founder Kirstin Walker to find her way toward sobriety.In hindsight, she realizes it was shame that had kept sending her back to the bottle."Guilt shows up in so many different ways in addiction, I would wake up every morning with this  heavy -- like a whole body was laying on...

Anna Deavere Smith Reflects On Attending A PWI During Heightened Racial Tensions In The 1960s

As Black History Month reminds so many Americans of just how far Black people have come, it also prompts reflections on the storied past of the ancestors -- of the nation that they built, brutally and without thanks. For playwright and actress Anna Deavere Smith, the month conjures up memories of a time of assassinated Black leaders, racist leadership in the South and newly...

This Louisville Podcaster Seeks To Highlight The Humanity In Historical Figures

Podcaster Jermaine Fowler transports his listeners to the Antebellum South -- where the pounding of hooves and taunting barks of hounds propel enslaved escapees further from the slave catchers that hunt them.But it isn’t the terror of escape for fugitive captives that Fowler explores. Instead, he educates his audience on the practicalities surrounding running away. The...