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Journalist. Poet. Truth seeker.

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'They Forgot That Quickly': Durag Fest Founders Say Interest In Annual Celebration Came And Went After BLM Protests Subsided

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a city of appearances according to visual artist and Durag Fest co-founder Dammit Wesley -- and this Juneteenth, he intends to call the city’s bluff. “From outside the city, Charlotte looks like a very white place. It looks like a place for soccer moms. It seems like a city where you would like to raise your kids and stuff, but then...

Activist Alex King Works To Ensure Black Lives Are Just As Much A Part Of The Movement Against Gun Violence As Anyone's

Sporting twisted locs and a crisp white tee, gun violence prevention activist Alex King doesn’t tell the same story as the school shooting survivors-turned activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Still, he told Blavity, the gun violence that pelts his West Chicago neighborhood cuts just as deep. The 20-year-old organizer and speaker works with the Chicago...