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Why You Should Consider Marriage Counseling Before You Propose

Written by RontelThere’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting married. What works for some, may not work for others — and that’s OK! But, have you ever seen an engaged or married couple with fundamental issues that make it hard to wonder why they’re even together in the first place? There are many things that divide couples at all stages of a...

How This Couple Is Exploring The More Thoughtful Way Millennials Are Approaching Marriage

On November 4, co-creators Rontel Batie and Eboni Malone launched the "Cuffing Season" podcast on Apple Podcasts.This show was born from what Rontel and Eboni believe to be a popular, yet false perception that millennials don't believe in marriage. It's no secret that relationships are difficult and dating can be hard to navigate (hence the emergence of social media...