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It’s Time For McDonald’s To Pay Black Employees A Living Wage

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on any cultural, political or personal topic, create an account here and check out our how-to post to learn more.Opinions are the writer’s own and not the views of Blavity.____This year, celebrating Black history month looked a little different. For fast food workers across the country, they celebrated with a...

As A Resident of Beniteau, Detroit, I Believe It’s Time For Fiat Chrysler To Stop Profiting From Environmental Racism

By Robert Shobe, Beniteau Resident and Organizer at Detroit People’s Platform____Imagine growing up in a vibrant, close-knit community that is a safe place to raise a family. For years you’ve watched your neighbors grow and thrive in a historically Black neighborhood until a multimillion-dollar construction deal is on the table without any warning or input from you...