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Adult Entertainment Businesses Ineligible For Financial Aid Amid Global Pandemic

Businesses and self-employed individuals within the legal sex industry aren't eligible for loans or grants from the Small Business Administration (SBA) following the passing of a milestone $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill.A clause dating back to Bill Clinton's administration prohibits legal sex workers from receiving government aid. The clause states there are...

6 Things To Know About How ICE Is Managing The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus has forced law enforcement throughout the states to make serious changes. However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) pursuit of undocumented immigrants has carried on as usual. While some prisons are releasing nonviolent individuals in an attempt to reduce their populations and to curb the spread of the virus, some reports say ICE agents have increased...

Direct Question From Whoopi Goldberg Leads To Back-And-Forth With Bernie Sanders About His Decision To Stay In The Race

Whoopi Goldberg asked a blunt question to Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., during an interview on The View about his decision to stay in the race for president.Despite losing a series of critical Super Tuesday states and former Vice President Joe Biden's delegate lead, Sanders remains confident there is a pathway to victory in the Democratic primary race. His optimism, however,...