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Chelsea Burwell Chelsea Burwell

Chelsea is a proud HBCU alumna of Winston-Salem State University and graduate of Georgetown University, who can't turn down a trip to the Wharf, a tall cup of Half-and-Half, and a moment to catch up on her favorite podcasts.

Chelsea Burwell's posts

A Georgia Mother Of Three Hilariously Hosted A 'Job Fair' In Her Home After Her Kids Kept Asking For Money

Shaketha Marion McGregor found the perfect way to prove to her children that money doesn't grow on trees.The 30-year-old Georgia mom decided to host a job fair in her home after her three kids (Jahkeem, 13, Takeia, 10, and Serinity, 6) were constantly asking for allowances and cellphones. Seeing an opportunity to teach a lesson about the value of work, time management and money,...

A$AP Rocky Gave The White House The Fade After They Wanted A Public Display Of Gratitude For Trying To Get Him Out Of Jail

According to sources close to Trump, the president and his allies are seething after A$AP Rocky showed them no love for trying to get the rapper released from jail in Sweden earlier this month. Attempts to get Rocky home safe and sound created an intense environment behind the scenes as Trump worked to establish ties with the Black community, Yahoo News reports. When Trump’s...

Sole Black Woman To Speak At Abortion Bill Hearing Has Mic Cut Off And Is Asked To Leave

Not a lie was told by Cherisse Scott before she was censored during the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week on a bill that would essentially ban abortions.Vice reports Scott, who is the CEO of reproductive justice organization SisterReach, was the only Black woman present at the hearing. She schooled the committee on America’s white supremacist history and...