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Brian Araujo Brian Araujo


I'm an unapologetic Black man from Harlem. I worked in tech for the past 10 years, and currently run two ventures; Marketers of Tomorrow, a marketing outsourcing firm and Bitcoin Harlem, a community organization aimed at connecting cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors..

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The Fyre Festival Documentaries: Here’s What Shocked Me And What Didn’t Surprise Me At All

Did anyone see the documentaries that illustrated the epitome of white privilege and injustice? I’m talking about FyreFraud (Hulu) and FyreFraud: The Greatest Party that Never Happened (Netflix). Holy s**t. The lack of accountability for white men, and the lies we tell ourselves to justify their actions is simply shocking.My wife and I were watching with a mixed look of confusion...

How One Non Profit Is Closing The Accessibility Gap For People Of Color In Tech

I feel like I have to get something off my chest. As someone who worked in corporate America most of my life, and only recently started their entrepreneurial journey, I feel like our diversity events are all, more or less, the same. The same formats: fireside chats, keynotes, panels hosting 3-15 people. (Yes, I unknowingly participated on a panel of 15 people at a high school.)...

10 Pieces Of Advice For The 9-5er Who’s On Their Way To Entrepreneurship

There are many professionals who have world-changing ideas but will never ever see them manifest. Due to the realities of providing for a family, saving for rainy days and college educations,  we conform to contemporary corporate culture out of fear, and security. Many of us are creative and entrepreneurial, but reality snaps back when that next bill comes through. So what ends up...